Learning with each other
and from another.

During training and workshops, I facilitate group discussions and provide techniques and interventions for solution-orientation.

These are some challenges that I work on in trainings and workshops:

Good Enough!
Doubting ones own expertise, down-talking your own achievements and having trouble with self-confidence — these phenomena are often labeled as „imposter“. The workshop explores various individual facets of imposter. The aim of the reflections is it to make the underlying feelings more easily understandable and manageable.

Surviving academia? You can do this!
Strategies for the daily work routine

Working in academia often means being exposed to competition and high performance pressure — there seems to be so much perfection and little room for vagueness. In this workshop, individually and with each other, in reflections and in group discussions, we’ll explore challenges at work and ask for solutions to make them manageable.

Conflict Management

What is a conflict? How does it emerge and what intensifies conflict? What can each of us do, to avoid or solve conflict? The workshop offers theoretical input as well as practice.